About Us


Founded in 2022, MultiloaderUSA is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Italian-made Almacrawler multiloaders designed to offer secure, versatile load transport solutions and precision control across irregular terrain. These tracked transporters apply a patented Bi-Leveling technology to carry and keep the load safely horizontal even when moving on uneven or sloped terrain up to 20°.

MultiloaderUSA offers three versions of this machine with various maneuverability and power options, the largest of which is capable of carrying a weight of more than 6.5 tons.

MultiloaderUSA shares the base of operations with, and the service expertise of Fascan International in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Fascan International

Fascan International is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Fassi articulating cranes.

Through its association with the Fassi Group, an innovative world class leader in the design and manufacturing of articulated hydraulic cranes, Fascan offers the complete Fassi line of articulated cranes through a network of more than 100 service centers and certified dealers.  

Fascan currently operates from a 55,000 square foot facility in Baltimore, and has put more than 5,000 Fassi cranes into service in the U.S.

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